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Triamterene generic medical agent is a combined officinal product which action is mostly conditioned by the components chiefly contained into its structure. This medication renders a hypotensive and diuretic activity. Besides substance Triamterene (potassium-keeping diuretic) this drug consists of other main component as Hydrochlorothiazide which is a diuretic with medium power of action. This medicament mostly decreases the transmissivity of the cellular membranes in the distal renal channels (situated on the periphery of kidney) for ions of sodium and also strengthens their discharge with urine without any increasing of the potassium ions’ discharges. This preparation is capable to diminish the hypokaliemia (some bringing down of the potassium level in blood) mostly called by the hydrochlorothiazide and cyclomethiazide generally strengthened the diuretic (urinative) effect of the last ones. Triamterene online no prescription may be often purchased at the give-away prices with twenty-four-hour delivery all over the United States.

Triamterene dosage

  • Triamterene 50/25mg

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Product: Triamterene
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What is Triamterene taken for?

Triamterene medication is generally used under such negative conditions and sicknesses of the cardiac-vascular system as

  • different edemas mostly conditioned by the insufficiency of the blood circulation, hepatic cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome (combination of edemas with different disturbances of the protein’s exchange owing to kidneys’ illnesses);
  • combined application together with thiazide diuretics (urinative remedies) and also by sick individuals with phenomena of the insufficiency of digitalis glycosides based on the hypokaliemia in connection with potassium-keeping activity;
  • several others.

You can buy Triamterene online and also employ these medicines under other indications (in the structure of combined therapy) only under the control of medical specialist.

How can you apply Triamterene?

Triamterene 50/25mg 90 pills are mostly assigned to their application per orally. It may be taken such individually (monotherapy) as in combination with other diuretic agents. Under the individual applying the primary dose is by 50-100-200mg per day (in one or sometimes two applications – after the patient’s breakfast and dinner). Under the combined therapy the dosing is diminished into two times. It is followed to increase the dosing (under the necessity) step by step (gradually). Buy Triamterene overnight without any prescriptions and also visit your doctor for a consultation about this preparation’s regular employing. The side effects of Triamterene are stenocardia, retching, headaches, skin itching, allergic reactions and so on.

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